Cat Grant

G is for Cat Grant

cat grantI’m seriously behind with watching Supergirl but Cat Grant was one of the first characters I fell in love with on the show. She’s a working mother who is also CEO of her own company, CatCo Worldwide Media, which she built from scratch – in many ways she’s like white feminist goals.

Cat may seem brash and dismissive of her employees, especially her assistant Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, but she’s shown to have a softer side and when people show they are capable and do a good job she notice’s and give credit where it’s due.

I like Cat Grant so much because she’s a smart business woman who has had to work her way up through the ranks in order to really make her mark on the industry. I admire her for that and especially because she’s a high-ranking person in a male dominated industry. She stands by Supergirl and often give Kara pep-talks that may seem a bit mean but are also motivational. The scene in Red Faced where Cat takes Kara out for drinks after Kara shouted at her is great because she talks to Kara like a person and explains why you can’t get angry at work, and that especially a woman can’t get angry, and you have to figure out what’s making you angry and then deal with it. It’s a great scene and a really important moment.