Destiny’s Child

I is for Independent Women, Pt. 1 by Destiny’s Child

This song is on my Kick-Ass Inspirational playlist and its place there is well deserved. It’s a feel-good song and a feminist one too. I’m very much an independent person, and probably thanks to my mum, I definitely makes sure when there’s something I want, I save and buy it with my own money.

I think the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack was one of the first CD’s I bought, and it was definitely the first CD I listened to repeatedly because I liked how different the songs all were, and I wanted to learn all the words.

Destiny’s Child were a group whose music I grew up listening to on the radio, but they weren’t an act whose music I bought (to be honest, I never really bought many individual artists albums when I was growing up – I was all about the compilation albums) so Independent Women was my go to Destiny’s Child song for the longest time.

I just really love Independent Women. I think it’s a great song for a film like Charlie’s Angels, it’s an inspiring song and it’s a great song to sing along and dance to.