Donna Noble

N is for Donna Noble

Donna Noble was like a breath of fresh air in the TARDIS after the romance/infatuation from Rose/Martha. It was so much fun to see a different dynamic between the Doctor and a companion, and for them to be best friends with no underlying tension was so great. You got to see another side of the Doctor too, sure they’re still showing off and wanting to show Donna the wonders of the universe but she isn’t afraid to answer back and perhaps even insult him now and again so he doesn’t get too big headed. It’s all said with love though.

Donna is bold and sometimes brash, she’s a bit of a drifter but all her temp jobs means she has other skills and is perceptive in ways other characters aren’t. Overall though she is compassionate and her travels with the Doctor made her less selfish. The scene in “The Fires of Pompeii” when she took on the responsibility and guilt of destroying Pompeii to save the world alongside the Doctor so he didn’t have to bear it alone is one of my favourite moments of hers.

I also love Donna’s relationship with her family, especially her grandfather Wilf. They are such a great duo; they have a similar sense of humour and it’s one of those instances where you can see the family resemblance in how they react to things, including injustices.

Rewatching series four with the benefit of hindsight is a bittersweet experience. There are so many small moments that are easy to miss but when you know Donna’s fate and what the series finale is about, they add so much more to it.

I am so excited and intrigued to see what’s going to happen in the 60th anniversary specials later this year. I’d love for Donna to be able to get her memories so she truly knows how amazing she is and how she helped save the world. She deserves to be the best version of herself, and travelling with the Doctor did make her better – it brought to the forefront her best traits and smoothed out some of her more harsher ones.