Erik Killmonger

E is for Erik “Killmonger” Stevens

Black Panther is a pretty incredible film and one of the reasons it stood out was because of its villain.

Killmonger is such an interesting villain because you could understand where he was coming from. Killmonger’s motives came from hearing about how amazing and almost utopian Wakanda is, while he was living in an unjust society. He experienced violence as a child, he was abandoned by Wakanda and his family there, meaning that he grew up in America and saw the violence and bigotry that black people faced every day there while knowing there was somewhere that could help them.

Killmonger fought in wars, was an elite soldier and was a murderer. So, he definitely wasn’t some you’d want to lead a country but his idea of levelling the playing field (as he saw it anyway) was understandable if misguided.

Many people came out of the film saying that Killmonger was right, but let’s be real – Nakia was the one who had the right idea when it came to Wakanda no longer being an isolated nation and using their resources to help people around the world.

Besides his motives, another thing I really liked about Killmonger was his attitude. He has so much confidence and swagger. The way he baits the museum curator and says right to her face that he’s going to take the artefacts and not pay for them because that’s exactly how her ancestors did it gave me chills. You instantly knew this was a character that knew who he was and what he wanted. Plus because of his upbringing, he was so different to T’Challa and the people of Wakanda which made him unpredictable and dangerous but also very entertaining.