Grounds for Divorce

G is for Grounds for Divorce by Elbow

I think this song came to my attention after the instrumental bits were used in multiple film trailers as well as the song being used in TV shows at pivotal moments. It definitely has a movie connotation in my mind because it’s a part of my “Songs from Films” playlist on my phone.

Anyway. It’s one of my favourites and listening to it gets me pumped. I think it’s the beat to it and the guitar, it’s just got such a good tune. Grounds for Divorce is the sort of song that I like to listen to as I’m walking down the street because it makes me feel confident. It’s the sort of song I imagine playing in the background as I do something amazing or badass, or rather it makes the mundane feel more badass.

That’s probably a weird thing to say since the song’s about an unhappy relationship but it does make me feel strong and confident.