Jason Walker

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten Songs I Wish Were Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature run by BrokeAndBookish each week – I’m thinking I might not take part every week but just see if a week takes my fancy. This week is all about music and books and I’ve taken the idea of songs you’d like to see turned into a book and run with it.

You Don’t Own Me – Grace feat. G-Eazy

I could imagine this song becoming a book about a young person who gets out of an abusive relationship and realises that they deserve to be happy. Side note: this is currently my favourite song.

Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

This would be like a party book. Maybe the story is all set over one night, crazy things happen and the lead isn’t sure if they’ll ever get that job or into that college that they desperately want but it doesn’t matter that one night. (more…)