Michelle Branch

E is for Everywhere by Michelle Branch

Everywhere is one of the best early 2000’s pop songs in my opinion.

I love the beat of this song, the tune on the guitar and how simple but relatable the lyrics are. I can’t help but sing along to the chorus whenever I listen to it.

It’s a bit random, but Everywhere makes me think of Disney shows like Lizzie McGuire, where there’s a montage of two characters falling in love. I did some googling and actually found the episode I was thinking of, it’s here if you’re interested. It’s definitely a song I’m sure was used a lot in shows during my formative years, so I knew the song and most of the words before I knew the name of the artist.

Michelle Branch is one of those artists I don’t listen to regularly, maybe every few years I rediscover her music when my iPod is on shuffle, but when I do listen to her songs I realise I still have all the words lodged in the back of my brain.

Everywhere is such a fun song and it’s definitely got some nostalgia value for me.