R is for Rag’n’Bone Man

This guy is my new favourite artist when it comes to music. His voice is amazing and he’s breaking records, achieving number ones and winning awards left, right and centre. His music is soulful and heartfelt and kind of beautiful in my opinion.

The single Human went to number 2 in the UK Singles Chart and peaked at number 1 in eleven countries while his debut album, also titled Human, was the fastest-selling debut album by a male act during the 2010s! He even beat the likes of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith! Now that is some achievement. This year at the BRIT Awards he won both British Breakthrough Act and the Critics’ Choice Award, tying with David Bowie for the most wins of the night.

Human was the first song of his I heard and I instantly sat up and took notice. It’s such a different sort of song to what I’d heard before and I love the bass beat. Skin is the latest single to be released and it’s just as wonderful. His debut album is brilliant and I’m currently recommending to everyone. I think if you like acts like Bastille and like soulful voices then you should definitely give Rag’n’Bone Man a listen.

I love his entire album so much it was so hard to choose which song to include in this post. Bitter End and Arrow are two of my favourites from his album but I had to choose Human – it the first song of his I heard and it still gives me shivers.

Q is for Queen

No, not her majesty of Great Britain but Queen the band. Even though Freddie Mercury dies just a couple of months after I was born, I’ve grown up listening to his music. This is thanks to my mum, she’s a huge Queen fan so she’d have the cassette tapes (then the CD’s) playing in the car when I was little. We would sing along and it cemented my love for the band.

I think it’s brilliant that so many Queen songs have become an everyday part of our lives. We Are the Champions is sung at spot events, and so many of their songs have been featured in films. Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne’s World, Somebody to Love in Ella Enchanted, We Will Rock You in A Knight’s Tale and so many more. It always puts a smile on my face when I hear a Queen song in a film or TV show.

It’s pretty impossible to choose a favourite Queen song, there’s so many of them that I even forget a few of them. I love the headbangers, the proper sing-along songs and the ballads, I love them all. So, I had to go with a medley of songs and what better than Queen’s performance at Live Aid in 1985. I love watching their performance, Freddie Mercury has the audience in the palm of his hand and I love when they all clap along in perfect time to Radio Ga Ga – both in the audience at Wembley and all the way in Philadelphia. The Audience Improve part gives me shivers every time I see it.

O is for On a Mission by Gabriella Climi

So this song is one of my favourite feel-good, motivational songs. I’m not sure how I discovered it but it was during my University days. It became part of the soundtrack to my final year of Uni, especially when I was writing my dissertation.

I’d play it as I was getting all my stuff ready to leave my flat to head to the library for the day. It would get me all pumped and motivated, feeling like I was going to achieve something that day.

On a Mission will always bring back strangely fond memories of studying in the library for hours with my friends. While no doubt I was stressed and worried about my dissertations and the various essays I was writing, I still had a lot of fun writing in the library with my best friend sat next to me, bouncing ideas off each other. The song was (and still is) a part of my Kick-Ass Inspirational Playlist and even today if I need a boost I’ll listen to that playlist and it helps me throw my shoulders back, stand tall and get on with whatever I was putting off in my life.

I is for Imagine Dragons

I love this band a lot, so much so it’s caused me a major dilemma as to which song to include in this post. I love so many of their songs, there’s songs like Radioactive which are so well known now and then there’s song like Bet My Life which I forget is an Imagine Dragons song but it’s still super catchy.

I like how their music is featured on so many big films. There’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Iron Man 3 and many more. They’ve made so many great songs that you can see the lyrics being used on fandom gifsets – that’s how I think An artist has made it, when their lyrics are used for someone’s OTP.

I saw Imagine Dragons live in 2013 in London and it’s still one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Dan Reynolds was just full of energy, jumping all over the stage while singing and banging drums – I don’t know how he did it. He’s a brilliant showman and it was a brilliant show. I especially loved how there were people of all ages in the crowd, young teens with parents, twenty-odd year olds and “proper adults” as I call them.

I can’t wait till their third album is finally released. It feels like there’s been talk of it for ages but when the single Believer was released it made it all seem a bit closer and more real. I love this single (even though I often get tongue-tied trying to sing along to it) and I love how it continues the band’s tradition of making kind of weird yet striking music videos.

G is for Grounds for Divorce by Elbow

I think this song came to my attention after the instrumental bits were used in multiple film trailers as well as the song being used in TV shows at pivotal moments. It definitely has a movie connotation in my mind because it’s a part of my “Songs from Films” playlist on my phone.

Anyway. It’s one of my favourites and listening to it gets me pumped. I think it’s the beat to it and the guitar, it’s just got such a good tune. Grounds for Divorce is the sort of song that I like to listen to as I’m walking down the street because it makes me feel confident. It’s the sort of song I imagine playing in the background as I do something amazing or badass, or rather it makes the mundane feel more badass.

That’s probably a weird thing to say since the song’s about an unhappy relationship but it does make me feel strong and confident.

A is for Alive by Sia

This song man. I love it so much. I don’t even know if this post will adequately put across how much I love it or how it makes me feel but I’ll try my best.

Alive has been out for a couple of years now and while I’m sure I heard it back in 2015 and liked it, it wasn’t till mid-2016 that I properly fell for the song. Maybe it’s because at that point I was almost a year being unemployed so the never give up feeling of the song started to resonate with me more. Just listening to it would give me a boost as I’d sing and dance around my living room.

I think that is one of the things that makes me love it so much. You can just scream/sing along to it knowing that you’ve survived whatever’s been thrown at you and you’re still strong and moving on. It’s a great feel-good song, but you can also feel the pain as well thanks to Sia’s amazing vocals.

Alive is fast becoming one of my all-time favourite songs, it’s powerful, emotional and is just a great piece of music. I love it more than words can describe.

TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: My Favourite Posts

Top 5 Wednesday is a great feature created by GingerReadsLainey and hosted by ThoughtsonTomes. To find out more about Top 5 Wednesday and the upcoming topics, check out its Goodreads page. This week it’s a bit different and it is time to showcase some of your favourite posts you’ve ever done. It could be a review, a photo on Instagram, a discussion post, anything! So without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite posts that have graced this blog.

Ten Songs I Wish Were Books
This post was for Top Ten Tuesday and I like it so much because I got to share my eclectic taste in music. Plus, I love imagining plot lines while listening to music so it was like my two favourite things at once.

My Wrap Up post for the London Bookshop Crawl
On a Saturday in February I spent the day in London meeting a lot of lovely bookish people and we travelled around the city going to different bookshops. I really enjoyed writing my post about that day, sharing what happened and what books I ended up buying. It definitely is my favourite book-related posts.

My post all about Aaron Livesy in the A-Z in April Challenge
I took part in the A-Z in April Challenge this year and this time it was all about my favourite characters. My favourite post from that month of blogging was the one all about Aaron Livesy, a character from a British soap opera. He is honestly one of my favourite characters ever so it was great to spend a whole post talking about him and sharing why I though he was so great.

My post on Why Hogwarts Houses Are Important to People
While I’m still not sure I managed to make myself clear about what I meant in all of the post, I did enjoy writing it. A lot of people identify with various Hogwarts House and nowadays it’s used as a shorthand to say what sort of person they are so when quizzes like Pottermore put you in a different House to the one you’re used to, it can be a shock and make you question how you see your personality.

The Bookish Unpopular Opinions Tag
I don’t often do tag posts, usually because I forget to do them, but this one I knew I had to do. Obviously unpopular opinions can be controversial but no one seemed to get angry about mine which was nice and it was great to have an outlet to say “actually I don’t agree with the majority of the bookish community on that one”

It’s been nice looking back through my blog and seeing what posts I really do like and want to shout about. What are some your favourite posts?