N is for the Ninja Book Swap

The Ninja Book Swap is run by Bex and it’s a wonderful gift giving thing that happens a couple of times a year. It’s so much fun! You sign up saying you’d send someone a book (or two) and some gifts and then you get given that person’s wishlist and a list of their likes and then you go shopping for their parcel. Another, different person gets your details so you’re not sending to the person who’s getting a gift for you. I may have explained that terribly but it’s super fun.

I love taking part in the Ninja Book Swap. I think I’ve taken part four or five times now (it usually happens a couple of times a year) and I love figuring out what to get someone based on their likes or fandoms, and I love looking through someone’s Amazon wishlist even though I usually end up finding so many more cool books I want to read. I am one of those people who really enjoys buying people presents so the swap is perfect for me and my love of sellotape.

It’s also great because it’s open internationally so you get to meet new like-minded bookish people from across the world. While it is just a Christmas swap BrokeandBookish hosts a Secret Santa gift exchange every year which I’ve taken part in twice now. I think I just love the idea of buying books for people, learning about their tastes and not knowing myself what will be coming through my letter box. It’s a lot of feel-good fun.

The last round of Ninja Book Swap was closed to just past participants in the swap because things went a bit crazy for Bex but hopefully it’ll open up for everyone again soon.

Why I Love… the Ninja Book Swap

It’s autumn so not only does that mean it’s getting a bit colder and the leaves are starting to turn brown but it also means that signups for Ninja Book Swap are open!


The Ninja Book Swap is a lovely thing where you can send and receive bookish goodies to people. This Autumn there’s the regular swap where you send one book (or more if you wish) and some goodies to someone and get the same in return from someone completely different, and there’s the Trick or Treat Swap where you can send someone a book from a genre they’d like to read more of. For more info on both swaps, check out the Ninja Book Swap blog.

I’ve signed up for the Ninja Book Swap about three times now, this Autumn Swap will be my fourth, and I’ve loved putting together gifts for people and then the surprise of getting something in the post in return is wonderful. It’s really interesting looking through someone’s book wish-list, as well as spending ages picking out some books to send to them, I nearly always discover new books and genres that sound great and then I add them to my own wish-list.


My first ever Ninja Book Swap package I received from an awesome buddy in Germany

Probably the hardest thing about the Ninja Book Swap is finding the goodies to send to who you’ve been given. It does depend from person to person, but it really does help if when you sign up for the swap you give a good list of the things you like and don’t like. Even if it’s broad thing like saying you love Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, it gives the person who’s got you more scope to find some cool things to send you. I know in previous swaps I’ve only listed like four things I like and this time when I signed up for the swap I tried to list as many things as possible, just to (I hope) give the person who ends up partnered with me an easier time in finding goodies. Also you can totally get crafty and make some goodies to send – I have little to no crafting skills so that’s something I’ve yet to do but I’d definitely love to receive something that someone has spent some time and effort on, it makes it all just a little bit more special.

I personally often kinda suck at the community aspect of blogging (I am so sorry about how it usually takes me days to respond to a comment) and sometimes find it hard to find, follow and interact with new blogs so Ninja Book Swap is definitely a great way to meet new people and find some great new blogs or Twitter accounts to follow. It’s always nice to have people who you can gush about books to and the Ninja Book Swap is all about spreading the love and joy of books.

I really would recommend signing up for Ninja Book Swap. If you like books, have a presence on any social media whether that’s a blog, Twitter or Instagram, and say hi to the creator Bex (just so she knows you’re a real person) then you can sign up and share the love of books and meet new likeminded people. It’s a fun thing to do and it’s always great wrapping up presents, and receiving a parcel that you have no idea what’s in it is always a nice surprise.

Sign-ups close at midnight on Sunday 2nd October so you’ve got to get in there quick! For all the info you need, check out the FAQ and if you think it sounds as awesome as it is, then do sign up – you never know, I could be the one sending you a parcel and if I am then I apologise in advance for my love of sellotape!