Oda Mae Brown

O is for Oda Mae Brown

oda mae brownOK so first off, Ghost (1990) is one of my favourite films and it’s one of those films I grew up watching because it was one of my mum’s favourite films so Oda Mae Brown is one of those characters has been with me since I was a child.

Oda Mae Brown is pretty awesome. She’s a psychic though really she’s a fraud and just pretends to have conversations with peoples loved ones. That is until Sam comes into her life, a ghost that she can actually hear. Sam then pesters her, namely by singing “Henry the Eighth I Am” until she helps him talk to his girlfriend Molly and help him find who killed him.

Oda Mae isn’t so sure about all this, especially when she and her sisters get endangered but she still does what’s right and helps Sam. Admittedly what she does to help him isn’t exactly legal but it all works out in the end.

Oda Mae is a fun character. She is a performer so she is bold and loud, she can be sarcastic and witty but she’s also a little greedy when it comes to money. She’s been conning people out of their money with her gig as a spiritual adviser for so long that when she suddenly realises she does have the gift of clairaudience (she can hear disembodied spirits) it’s a shock to the system and she has to actually work for her money as spirits from all over New York want to use her to talk to their loved ones.

oda mae brown