Pacific Rim

K is for Rinko Kikuchi

Pacific Rim - European Premiere - Red Carpet ArrivalsRinko Kikuchi is adorable as well as being super talented. I’ve only seen a few of her films but I’ve been seriously impressed with her performances in them.

In The Brothers Bloom (2008) she plays Bang Bang a con woman who only says two words throughout the entire film so she is just acting with her face and her body. She is so expressive that you know exactly what she’s thinking and Bang Bang is such a fun, quirky and memorable character it’s a great performance to watch.

In 47 Ronin (2013) Rinko Kikuchi plays a witch who can turn into a dragon (it’s kind of an odd film) and she does evil very well.

Pacific Rim (2013) is the other film I’ve seen Rinko Kikuchi in and boy, do I love that film a lot. Mako is a character that drives the film forward, is a total badass and also is allowed to show emotion and get upset. I’m definitely looking forward to the Pacific Rim sequel and more Rinko in a Jaeger.

I’ve recently bought Babel (2006) just because Rinko Kikuchi is in it. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I’m really looking forward to it.

S is for: Secondary Characters

I really like secondary characters, whether they’re in film, TV shows or books I’m probably going to be more interested in in the secondary character(s) or at least like them quicker than the main characters. I think it’s because the secondary characters sometimes say what we’re all thinking, or that they’re funny, or that because their secondary characters you don’t know that much about them so you can make up your own backstory for them.

So here are some of my favourite secondary characters:

Angela from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paoliniphoto 1
I love how mysterious Angela is, and while you do get some hints to what her background is in the final book, I love how you never know everything about her. I think if you did she’d lose something that makes her so special. Angela is a healer and witch and has the uncanny ability to turn up wherever significant events are happening.

Jonathan Carnahan from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns
(I feel as if I’m forever mentioning The Mummy and Jonathan Carnahan in these blog posts – oh well! Just shows home much I love him)
Jonathan is funny, loyal but slightly useless. He’d do anything to help his family but he’s also a bit of a scaredy-cat that being said when he needs to step up the plate he does so.