phone calls

Problems with Making Phone Calls

I have a bit of a problem when it comes to talking to people on the phone. If someone phones me, whether it’s my mobile or the home phone or when I was working if it was my office phone then I’m fine, I can totally answer the phone and deal with whatever the other person on the line needs or wants to talk about.

The problem comes when I’m the one that needs to make a phone call. If it’s to do something relatively small like book a dentist appointment then that’s not too bad. It’s if I’m calling someone to ask if they can do something or if I’ve got questions and need help with something – that’s when I seem to have problems.

I put off the phone call for as long as possible, which isn’t always that great if you have a job which requires you to talk on the phone. Once I’m actually talking to the person on the other end it’s not so bad, I slowly get more comfortable in the conversation so I think it’s more of the thought of talking to someone and the act of dialling the phone number which freaks me out more. (more…)