Reese Witherspoon

REVIEW: Hot Pursuit (2015)

Uptight and by-the-book cop Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) tries to protect Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara), the wife of a drug boss, from crooked cops and murderous gunmen as they race across Texas so Riva can testify.

Hot Pursuit is a crime-comedy film which isn’t that funny. Witherspoon plays the uptight and desperate to prove herself cop well, but her character is very one note for the majority of the film, and that one note can become grating after a while. Vergara’s Riva is loud and brash, and watching her and Cooper clash can sometimes be fun, however her shtick does get repetitive rather quickly.

There are the usual tropes of the witness trying to get away, the arguments and then the unlikely duo working together to survive. It’s when Cooper and Riva do reluctantly work together that the film starts to be fun, but there’s too many times where one turns on the other, so they end up at cross-purposes again and it feels like the story and the characters have taken three steps back again.

One thing Hot Pursuit has got going for it is it does get to the main plot and the action pretty quickly but it also has some very cringey and almost wince-inducing moments too as jokes fail to land and everyone just looks very awkward.

Unfortunately, the funniest part of Hot Pursuit is the gag reel that plays during the credits. That gets you laughing out loud, and a few proper belly laughs too, whereas the rest of the film is lucky to get a few chuckles at best.

Hot Pursuit is full of clichés and not very funny, though the sparks of what could be great chemistry between Witherspoon and Vergara manages to make the film a bit more bearable. 2/5.

E is for: Elle Woods

When talking about characters that people consider inspirational, a lot of names are commonly thrown about; Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Samwise Gamgee, and Jane Eyre to name a few.

For me it is Elle Woods – yes that Elle Woods, the one played by Reese Witherspoon in the Legally Blonde movies, the one who wears a lot of pink and has a Chihuahua in her handbag. I often get odd looks when I say that Elle is an inspiration to me, I can see why – on the surface she is just a fun character in a funny chick-flick, the premise of which is a girl trying to win back the boyfriend that dumped her because she “wasn’t smart enough.”

But Elle Woods is so much more than that. She got into Harvard! You see through a clever montage that she gives up parties and other fun group activities with her sorority in order to study. Elle Woods gives me the motivation to work hard, and get back to the books when all I want to do is have a lazy day, or hang out with my friends.

Elle Woods did get into Harvard in order to try and get back the boy she loved, but while she was studying to be a lawyer she realised that she didn’t love nor need him. He just cared about appearances and Elle completely defied his (and the viewer’s and the other characters) expectations. She was never that bitchy, she loves other female characters and female friendships are very important throughout the film.

I will always say that Elle Woods is a feminist character and Legally Blonde is a feminist movie. When I need some motivation I just listen to the soundtrack which has some brilliant motivational songs on it, and then I feel as if I can tackle whatever essay I’m stuck on.