Rory Williams

W is for Rory Williams

Rory is such a fun and relatable character and I loved it when he started travelling with Amy and the Doctor. I think his personality balanced out the kind of impulsiveness that both Amy and the Doctor had and tried to keep things on an even keel. Sure, he had his moments of jealousy over Amy and the Doctor’s relationship but once it became clear where everyone stood then this TARDIS trio worked really well together.

I’ve always liked moments when you can see how travelling with the Doctor has rubbed off on the companions in some way. It’s like how in “Asylum of the Daleks” it must’ve been a few years since Amy and Rory had travelled with the Doctor but Rory still carries a pocket torch and is ready for anything. I also like how Rory is a nurse and his medical skills are used throughout the series, and that he’s just generally a really caring and empathetic person. Rory’s always willing to help people, even those who are perhaps seen by others as dangerous or beyond help, which can then put him in danger.

Rory has a sarcastic sense of humour and it can be a bit dark at times which I appreciate as someone who also has a dark sense of humour. You’ve got to find the humour in certain situations or else you’ll cry. I do find it very funny how blasé Rory becomes about his many near-death and actual death experiences. It kind of became a running joke in the fandom but his first death really was surprising and heart-breaking, especially as the circumstances around it meant that Amy forgot about him completely.

As I said, I really starting vibing with series five when Rory joined the TARDIS. The Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds is one of my favourite Doctor/companion dynamics as I think the three of them balanced each other out and it was clear how much they all cared about each other. While Rory may have been a bit jealous of the Doctor to being with, I liked how their dynamic developed and how Rory was one of the people who could call the Doctor out on his lies.