TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten Favourite TV Shows of All Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature run by BrokeAndBookish each week. This week, in honour of Fall TV you can do a top ten about anything TV related. So I’m keeping it simple and sharing my ten favourite TV shows ever. I say “ever” but I’m pretty bad at keeping up with TV shows and some of these I might not have actually seen the entire series and I’m sure as soon as I finish this list I’ll remember a show I’ve forgotten but otherwise here’s my favourite TV shows.

White Collar
I love heist and con-artist stories so White Collar is right up my street. White collar criminal Neal Caffery gets offered to serve his jail time working for the FBI catching criminals with FBI Agent Peter Burke and lots of escapades happen. While it does get a little repetitive that the main story arc each season often revolves around Neal lying to Peter and Peter lying to Neil, I still love the relationships between all the characters and I love it when Neal’s criminal friend Mozzie and Peter’s awesome wife Elizabeth get involved in an FBI sting.
Please note: I have a series and a half left of this show to watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I basically marathoned season one and two of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in just over a week and I loved every minute of it. I love the characters, all the different relationships, the humour and how the characters actually grow. I’ve written before why I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I would recommend it to anyone, even those who are like me and don’t usually like American comedy shows.
Please note: I haven’t watch season three yet because Netflix doesn’t have it yet.

This show can scare the bejesus out of me – the scene where a guy crawls from under a woman’s bed after she’s just gotten into it freaked me out – because it has gruesome murders and serial killers. It also has a great baddie in Alice Morgan and her relationship with Luther is a highlight of the series. (more…)

R is for Ralph Dineen

ralphRalph is a smart kid and I mean like super smart. He is a genius and with that comes some problems, he’s so smart that he’s miles ahead of his peers in elementary school and he doesn’t always have great social skills because of his intellect.

Ralph is pretty amazing. He’s attending elementary school so he can try and develop his social skills and not turn out like his mum’s friends and co-workers at team Scorpion (they are all pretty terrible at being around normal aka not super smart people) and he’s at university at the same time so he can get the knowledge and challenges his mind craves.

Ralph is so smart he often ends up help Team Scorpion when they are otherwise engaged and he’s even climbed into a hot vent to help save the day which was obviously very dangerous and seriously freaked out his mum.

Ralph is still a child so he’s still learning his boundaries that he still has to have even though he’s a genius. He makes mistakes and scares his mum by doing the right thing even though it might put him in danger. He’s growing up because when you first meet him he won’t talk to anyone but his mum but as he’s been around genius’s like himself he’s learnt to open up more and even has friends his own age.


Q is for Happy Quinn

happy quinnHappy Quinn is a mechanical prodigy and she is wonderful. Happy can make anything if she has the right tools and even if she has the wrong tools she can often figure something out. Happy has a photographic memory and is highly intelligent but that does mean she has a low emotional quotient so she’s often brutally honest but she has been getting better at that.

Happy is very closed-off from people because she was put into foster care by her father when she was a toddler because her mother died in childbirth and he couldn’t cope. She was bounced around to different foster homes throughout her childhood so she can be very hostile in order to protect herself. Happy thinks that anyone she cares about will let her down so her relationship with Team Scorpion is incredibly important. Yes, they’ve had their rough patches but really they are a solid family unit and that’s what Happy wants.

Happy can be mean and rude but it’s often because she’s turning her insecurities out onto other people. She’s learnt to protect herself and not to show any emotions or to cry because that’s the sort of thing she thinks makes her seem weak.

Happy is a great character because she’s smart and capable but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make mistakes. She’s slowly learning to let people in and is kind of getting better at taking constructive criticism. Though she may still threaten someone with a large wrench when they get on her nerves, she’ll also threaten people if they make fun of or hurt her friends.

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten Favourite Heroines

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature run by BrokeAndBookish each week – I’m thinking I might not take part every week but just see if a week takes my fancy. This week is all about favourite heroines – most of mine are bookish ones but there’s a couple from films and TV shows too.

alana-01Alana from the Saga series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Alana is a Landfallian who fell in love and had a baby with a solider from Wreath – they’ve got a Romeo & Juliet kind of deal going on but they are far better at communicating so neither of them have died yet. Alana will do anything to protect her daughter but at the same time she is also impulsive and sometimes jealous. She’s also a former solider so she can handle just about anything that comes her way.

Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Lucy is so young and full of belief and wonder at the world around her. I love her faith in Narnia and in her family and how she grows to become quite courageous over the course of her adventures. (more…)