soap opera

V is for Victoria Barton

victoria bartonVictoria Barton née Sugden is a precious cinnamon roll, she’s too good for this world, too pure. That is possibly a slight exaggeration but the point still stands.

Victoria is from a British soap opera so she’s had various things happen to her – including nearly drowning twice – but she’s still such a positive, loving person. She cares about her family a ridiculous amount even though that often means she want to smack her brother’s heads together because they really don’t like each other – there has been some attempted murders/accidental injuries for both of them.

Victoria is so great because she works hard and has gone from learning to cook in the village pub, to a full-grown chef who is now setting up her own street food catering business. Victoria puts her heart into everything she does whether it’s work, her family or her marriage. Victoria is loving and fiercely loyal and she’s just the sort of person you’d want as a friend and fighting in your corner. She may be small but she’s a morally strong person and she’s not afraid to speak her mind when people are being stupid or cruel.

L is for Aaron Livesy

aaron livesyTo say Aaron Livesy has had a tough life would be an understatement. His dad sexually abused him when he was a child, he tried to kill himself because he was gay and he helped his paraplegic boyfriend commit suicide which then caused him to self-harm because he couldn’t handle the guilt.

This quote from Doctor Who, “All that pain and misery. And loneliness. And it just made him kind” is the perfect way to describe Aaron Livesy. All that stuff has happened to him but he is still the most kind, loving and selfless person. Yes, he is closed off and sarcastic to a lot of people but if you are his family or someone he cares about he’ll do just about anything for them. For instance he said he was the one who committed arson and then went on the run to France, meaning he couldn’t return home for years when it was his best friend Adam who had done it. Aaron knew Adam couldn’t have coped in prison so he took the blame for him.

If we’re going with ways best to describe Aaron Livesy, another would be the cinnamon roll meme. Aaron would definitely fit in the “looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll” category. He is quite capable to look after himself in a fight and he has been in trouble with the law multiple times so he’s often seen to be your average thug but he’s so much more than that, he’s a secret softy with a big heart.

Aaron Livesy is one of my favourite characters because he’s so strong and brave and loyal. He has had such a tough life but he still manages to smile and find it in himself to love people. If Aaron Livesy can keep smiling, then so can I.

Side note: In the episode aired last night Aaron’s decided to change his name from Livesy (his abusive father’s name) to Dingle (his mum’s name) but I’d already written this post and I love him a ridiculous amount so he’ll stay Livesy for now so he can be a part of the challenge and I don’t have to worry about writing another post for a different “L” character.