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M is for Michelle Monaghan

michellemonaghanLike Anne Hathaway, Michelle Monaghan is definitely one of my favourite actresses and one of those people that I will watch a film just because they’re in it.

I like all of the films I’ve ever seen Michelle Monaghan in. In fact she’s stars in some of my favourite films like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) and Source Code (2011). She was one of my favourite things about Mission: Impossible III (2006) because she was Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) wife who was a badass nurse/doctor (can’t remember which off the top of my head) and she totally saved his life – which I loved. I also quite liked what they did with her character in the following film.

I’ve said before that I’m pretty useless at watching TV shows and one of the many show I haven’t seen is True Detective. To be honest, even though everyone was hyping it up I really wasn’t that interested in it, that is until I found out during awards season that Michelle Monaghan stars in it. Now I’m definitely going to be watching it sometime too.