World Cup 2014

Writer’s Block

I’m not trying to write a novel or anything, I’m just trying to write my weekly blog post, but still I seem to have writer’s block. I suppose that’s the thing with a weekly blog post with no real rules, I can write about whatever I want but what if there’s nothing that’s caught my eye and really makes me want to write.

This past week the World Cup has kind of taken over my life (don’t mention Spain or David Villa’s last match – I may cry) and I’ve been watching more matches than usual, especially since I don’t usually watch many of the group stage matches. So watching a lot of football at weird times has cocked up my sleeping pattern a bit, so when I’m not sleeping I have been either working with kids aged between 10-17 or I have been in the library working on my dissertation. Luckily I haven’t gotten writer’s block when it comes to my dissertation.


Reminiscing about World Cup 2010 & being excited for World Cup 2014


Me at my Dad’s local after Spain won the World Cup

I really enjoy watching football but it seems that that part of me is a bit of an unintentional secret. I don’t support a team that’s in the English Premier League, or any UK team to be honest, so when it’s football season I’m one of those people who is amused by people freaking out on social media when a team wins or loses.

That being said I do support the Spanish National Team and have done since 2007 – long story short, England failed to qualify for Euro 2008 so since my dad lives in Spain I decided to support Spain instead and I never looked back. I know a lot about the Spanish NT and their players and often find myself following players rather than team e.g. I really like David Silva so always get strangely pleased when he scores for Manchester City.

So when it gets to summer and it’s the World Cup or the Euros I get rather excited. I try to watch all of Spain’s matches live (and get very invested and shout at the TV in a mixture of English and Spanish) and am generally quite invested in the stupid sport. In a World Cup I also cheer on Ghana since my mum grew up there – Swarez’s handball against Ghana in South Africa in 2010 caused me and mum to swear and shout quite loudly, the consequent penalty shoot-out was incredibly stressful.