Y is for Yvaine

YvaineI will start this post by saying that Yvaine isn’t necessarily one of my favourite characters but it was really hard thinking of any characters whose name begins with the letter Y! That being said, I do think Yvaine is pretty damn cool.

Yvaine is a literal star that is brought down to Earth with a bang and it’s kind of funny (but certainly justifiable) how annoyed she is about the whole thing. She’s smart and capable but she is a fish out of water on Earth so she does end up in some tricky situations and needs rescuing a few times.

I love how strong-willed Yvaine is. She won’t make excuses for Tristan’s behaviour or coddle him when he’s being kind of rude. Yvaine is proud and it might take her a while to admit she’s in the wrong but she is a good and kind person.

Also, because she’s a star she has some powers too. She’s immortal and she can glow so brightly that it can kill anyone who looks at her when she’s glowing which is a pretty cool power to have.